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The conduit through which we urinate is known as the urethra and, being a circumferential conduit, scars can be generated within it that determine that the force of the stream when urinating is less or that you have to push significantly to be able to urinate. This is common and occurs secondary to sexually transmitted infections, but above all it is seen more frequently in patients who were handled in an inappropriate manner by placing probes, expelling urinary stones or secondary to urological surgeries.


Being a circular duct, the scar that is formed makes its treatment complicated, which is why most patients are inadequately treated by dilation with probes through the urethra, which is painful and only improves symptoms in an inappropriate way. temporary. Another of the treatments offered is surgery through the conduit in which a cut of the scar is made to expand it, but a larger wound is generated and leads to the recurrence of the problem.


The definitive and proven solution is the remodeling of the urinary duct with a graft from the patient himself. This surgery called reconstructive surgery of the urethra with oral mucosal graft is nowadays the definitive solution to this problem. It allows the patient to return to his normal life, urinate strongly and empty the bladder completely; In addition, the patient improves his sexual life in an important way.


To perform this procedure, it is necessary to take a graft from the patient's mucosa from the inside of the cheek and prepare the tissue to be able to remodel and reconstruct the urinary duct. The length of the graft will depend on the tissue to be remodeled and the section of the affected duct. It is a surgery with excellent results and a success rate above 90%.



The urinary meatus or the hole through which urine exits through the penis can sometimes be narrower than normal, either from birth, secondary to an infection or due to some manipulation such as placement of a catheter or surgeries through the penis. This causes the stream of urine to be thin and it is difficult to urinate or you have to make an effort to completely empty the bladder.


The enlargement or remodeling of the urinary orifice manages to improve the way of urinating in a definitive way, helping a rapid and complete emptying. It is a procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis with rapid recovery and excellent aesthetic results.

30 -45 MINUTES

45 -60  MINUTES


This problem is known as a birth disorder in which the urine outlet is not at the tip of the penis and is located along the body of the penis and which determines that the patient does not urinate properly. properly, drain the urine or get wet when urinating. It is a condition found from birth and the ideal is to correct it during childhood, but there are cases which were never detected.


The procedure to correct this problem is carried out by reconstructing the conduit and redoing and extending the hole to urinate to the tip of the penis. grafting of the oral mucosa to achieve adequate functional and aesthetic results.


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