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Ampliación de Orificio Miccional
Enfermedad de Peyronie


Whatever the cause of this condition in its middle or terminal stage, the result is the inability to obtain or maintain a state of erection that facilitates penetration. Taking into account the population of men between the ages of 25-75 years 20% suffer from this problem, but if we segment men between the ages of 40-70 years the percentage depending on the country can be as high as 42-52%. The medical procedures that are offered in the current market only support us temporarily and always go hand in hand with side effects. If you are a patient in which the medical treatment is no longer giving the desired result or there are already many unwanted effects of the medication the next step is the placement of a penile pump along with a Penoplasty. This surgery guarantees an aesthetics of the penis in a favorable flaccid state and an adequate functioning of the penis in an erect state. The benefits of increased size without compromising function. The best of two worlds that were previously only an enigma. Depending on the physical characteristics of the genital region it can be accompanied with other procedures: i.e. glans augmentation, VASER, BODYTITE, ETC.

3 - 4 HOURS




The frenulum is the layer of skin found on the lower part of the head of the penis, which becomes more noticeable when the foreskin is retracted. In many occasions this skin remains tense at the moment of erection or when the foreskin is completely lowered and causes pain or retraction of the head of the penis downwards and can cause the erection to be lost. Even in intense sexual intercourse it can be injured causing pain and bleeding making it more prone to greater tension once healed.

This problem has a definitive solution that allows the patient to have full sexual intercourse without worrying about getting hurt or losing the erection. The procedure consists of enlarging this skin and remodeling it to free the head of the penis and allow it to have a proper erection.

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with quick recovery and without the need for stitches and with excellent aesthetic and functional results.



Peyronie's disease is an exaggerated curvature of the penis is a condition that affects 1-5% of men. This results from an unsightly appearance to sexual activity with some difficulty and painful for women.

The causes of penile curvature fall into two main groups:
1.) Congenital - The patient was born with this pathology.
Overgrowth of one side of the penis. Genetic component, but not linearly inherited.
2.) Acquired - Curvatures that developed during the patient's lifetime.

The degree of penile curvature that is permissible and does not interfere with sexual activity therefore not warranting surgery is:

  • Downward (Ventral) Less than 30 degrees.

  • Upward (Dorsal: Less than 35 degrees.

  • Sideways (Lateral): Less than 15 to 20 degrees.


Moderate curvature:

  • Down (Ventral): 30-50 degrees

  • Upward (Dorsal): 35-50 degrees

  • Sideways (Lateral): 20-40 degrees


Severe curvature:

  • Down (ventral): Greater than 50 degrees

  • Upward (Dorsal): Greater than 50 degrees

  • Sideways (Lateral): Greater than 40 degrees


If the curvature exceeds a certain degree and is uncomfortable for sexual activity, surgery may be indicated. Outpatient surgical procedure takes 30 to 120 minutes with a success rate greater than 95%.
The surgeries are divided into two major groups:

  • Correction surgery with shortening technique. Penoplasty with length and thickness increase can be performed to correct the degree of loss and improve the dimensions.

  • Rotation surgery with length preservation.


Ampliación de Orificio Miccional
Enfermedad de Peyronie
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