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Dr. Miguelangel Guevara

Dr. Miguelangel Guevara graduated in 2003 as a general practitioner receiving honors from La Facultad Mexicana de Medicina Universidad La Salle. Subsequently studying the specialty of General Surgery at Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Mexico City. 
He continued his training in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery within the same institution in the National Medical Center La Raza. Obtaining distinction two consecutive years as outstanding resident in Mexico. Member of the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery; Certified by the Mexican Council of his subspecialty and the International Society of Plastic Surgery. Receiving certification by the I.A.P. (International Academy of Penoplasty) in Milan and updated in various "Fellows" and "Observers" in Brazil, Colombia, United States, Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain. 

Dr. Miguelangel Guevara, raised in Texas/USA is a board certified plastic surgeon (more than 16 years of experience) with training in several high specialty areas. 100% European School in Penoplasty and creator of the VASER Penoplasty and BODYTITE Penoplasty technique. Currently one of the first two world authorities on the subject. The only Mexican doctor certified to perform these procedures; the only doctor in the world who performs Penoplasty in overweight or obese patients; the only doctor who operates Buried Penis Syndrome and the only doctor in the world who places two-chamber pumps in the penis (urological equipment) and performs Penoplasty. 

We can gladly mention that we have achieved more than 9,500 Penoplasty surgeries in its multiple combinations. More than 72 countries with patients present, high satisfaction rate and correction rate of previous surgeries. 





Medical Tourism in Mexico City

Mexico is the second largest health tourism destination in the world. It receives an average of 1.2 million visitors per year, only behind Thailand that receives 1.8 million per year. Mexico City is positioned as one of the states that receives more patients from all over the world to this tourism sector. The United States is the number one country that sends patients since its health system is the most expensive in the world. Surgical treatments of equal or better quality are obtained in our country at a very competitive price, making this one of the most attractive points for tourists.


In the case of PENOPLASTY AND GENITAL SURGERY with DR. MIGUELANGEL GUEVARA we have welcomed more than 9,700 patients in the last 9 years coming from more than 72 countries. Patients who are looking for the best option worldwide with cutting edge technology (I.e. VASER Penoplasty or BODYTITE Penoplasty), guaranteed results at a competitive cost with the only market, being the European one. Do not forget that the birth of these techniques was in Europe, the ALMA MATER of genital surgery.

A medical and administrative team will be supporting you at all times of your stay. Ensuring the outcome and well-being of the patient but also helping to create unforgettable experiences. 

Facilities that exceed the needs of the procedures performed. The ideal and perfect fusion of technology and experienced hands of Dr. Miguelangel Guevara that make the impossible a reality, without exposing the patient.


Transportation and Lodging

Ideally, the patient should arrive in Mexico City the day before the scheduled surgery date to avoid any setbacks, such as delayed or cancelled flights. If their arrival flight is between 10:00 and 18:00 we can arrange for them to be met by our trusted staff. 

We can advise patients on the accommodation to select from hotels with whom we have an agreement, to guide them in the location of an Airbnb in the areas near the clinic in the Colonia Roma in Mexico City. The recommended hotels are based on patient feedback, amenities and proximity to our facilities.


•Four Points by Sheraton Mexico City 300 meters away from the clinic.

•Stanza Hotel 450 meters.

•Hotel Brick Rome (Hotel Botique) 300 meters

•Hotel Park Mexico Botique 1.3 km

Although there are higher category hotels a little further away from our facilities, our recommendation is not to struggle with the inconvenience of traffic. The Roma Norte neighborhood is one of the most outstanding in Mexico City due to its combination of entertainment, cultural richness, location, lifestyle and gastronomy. It is part of the well-known Roma-Condesa cultural corridor. Satisfying the most demanding palates, sitting drinking creative cocktails and snacks in its green areas or simply enjoying the bohemian nights.

Team responsible for the Patient

TREATING PHYSICIAN: Dr. Miguelangel Guevara will be the head of this team to lead by hand the members in the diagnosis and preoperative preparation of the patient, facilitate their arrival, perform the surgery and closely monitor the post-operative ensuring an adequate evolution. 

ASSISTANT PLASTIC SURGEON: Certified physician in the specialty that supports Dr. Guevara in carrying out the surgery successfully and monitor the patient in the postoperative period. 
PATIENT COORDINATOR: Assists the patient at all times with any questions he/she may have about the procedure, consultations, appointments, schedules, dates, lodging, transportation, payment and any concierge services the patient may require. 

NURSE: The nurse will be present during the surgery and available by phone 24 hours a day for any medical questions that may arise. She will be available 24 hours a day via telephone for any medical questions and observations during the post-operative period; diet, general care, cleaning, deambulation, medications, girdles, therapies. 

CLINICAL THERAPIST: Qualified therapist who helps the patient to reduce swelling faster and improve their comfort. Using resources from the beginning lymphatic drainage, ultrasound, radiofrequency, pressotherapy, vaccum therapy, infra-red, LED therapy, Perfextio, etc.. To reduce swelling, drain, relieve pain, ensure proper healing and thus send the patient home in the shortest amount of time possible free of complications.

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