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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Penoplasty: Separating Fact from Fiction

As the only plastic surgeon specialized in penoplasty, it's my duty to debunk three common myths about this procedure. If you're considering penoplasty, it's crucial to have the facts straight and not be deterred by false information.

Myth #1: There is no natural solution to enlarging the penis.

The truth is that penoplasty can be safely and permanently performed using the patient's own tissue. Unlike artificial fillers that can cause long-term problems, penoplasty specialists use the patient's own tissue to enlarge and improve the appearance of the penis. Beware of other methods that can cause catastrophes due to the body's own rejection and scarring process, even causing shortening or retraction in the long term.

Myth #2: Penoplasty can affect the sensitivity and functioning of the penis.

The fact is that penoplasty does not affect the functioning of the penis, including the ability to fertilize and ejaculate. In fact, sensitivity can even improve in 86 to 93% of patients without becoming premature ejaculators. Penoplasty expands tissue, which translates to greater friction and the growth of new sensory nerve fibers that amplify the sensation of pleasure.

Myth #3: Penoplasty cannot be combined with other procedures.

Contrary to popular belief, other procedures can be performed alongside penoplasty to maximize results. For example, circumcision must be performed during penoplasty to remove excess tissue or a constrictive tissue ring. Another procedure that can be combined with penoplasty is ultrasound liposuction. This can be particularly useful for patients suffering from buried penis syndrome, a condition where excess fat in the pubic region can hide the penis. By removing the excess fat and skin, ultrasound liposuction can help guarantee adequate skin retraction of the pubic region and improve the overall appearance of the penis.

In conclusion, penoplasty has become an increasingly popular option for patients seeking to enhance the appearance and function of their penis. As a safe and effective procedure that uses the patient's own tissue, penoplasty can provide significant improvements in size, girth, and overall appearance.

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